Search - Domains, IPs, etc.

Help & Examples

The query field uses the Elasticsearch Query String to search for results. This means that you can either search for terms without specifying a field, or you can narrow the search to the field that should match. Refer to the documentation to learn how to do boosting, boolean operators, fuzzy searches, etc.

Example queries
Domain (or a subdomain of it) is contacted in one of the requests
Domain (or a subdomain of it) is the first domain to be contacted
This IP is contacted in one request
IPs from this subnet are contacted
This IPv6 is contacted in one request
This AS was contacted (Note: Search with 'AS' prefix!)
An AS with this name was contacted
Resource jquery.min.js was requested
A resource with this SHA256 was downloaded
Page contacted a host running nginx
The fields ip, domain, url, asn, asnname, country and server can also be prefixed with page. to only match the value for the first request/response page.server:nginx AND page.domain:de.
task.method:manual OR task.method:api
Show manual (user) and API submissions. Other option is "automatic"
page.asnname:digitalocean AND
Pages with .de TLD, hosted at Digital Ocean
page.domain:ch AND !
Domain has .ch TLD, but primary GeoIP is not in CH
filename:jquery AND filename:wp-content
Page uses WordPress and jquery
asnname:cloudflare,akamai,fastly AND server:keycdn-engine
Page uses content from CloudFlare, Akamai, Fastly and KeyCDN
Furthermore, you can concatenate search-terms with AND, OR, etc.